A leap of Faith

[note: I wrote this around the 16th, but didn’t publish ’til today.]

James 2:14-26. Hebrews 11. Faith.

It really annoys me when people talk about faith as a belief system. (“I have faith- I believe in God.” “I participate in my faith- I go to church.”)

People, faith is obvious when you see it. It’s not a matter of whether you share your faith with others. If you have faith, you don’t have a choice- it’s apparent to those around you. Faith has to do about caring for others, but only to the extent that it’s an act of obedience. People with no faith can be some of the kindest, givingest people in the world. Faith is not believing ideals and such; no, faith is trust, and when you trust someone, you take actions to prove it. There’s just no way around that.

Faith is going out on a limb, where you look like a fool if the other party doesn’t come through. Faith becomes vulnerable to others. Faith is utterly dependent on the one in whom it is placed. And the only way I can see of doing that is to obey God, having faith that He’s good and that you can trust him to follow through on His part of the deal.

We act on seeing someone else’s need, not because the “morals of our faith” command us, but because we trust that it’s what God wants us to do, and that he’s got our back. It’s more complex than that, but this is where the faith part comes in. In the scripture passages referenced above, God, through the authors of James and Hebrews, gives example after example of people putting themselves in awkward, vulnerable positions because they had faith that God had their backs. And He did.

But faith doesn’t rest on its laurels. Faith that is not putting itself forward through action is dead. Yesterday’s leap of faith does not mean that you don’t need to face any more ledges. It should strengthen your resolve to take on today’s ledge, but you still have to take that new leap. Or maybe for you, it’s the same ledge every day.

For me, I feel like God is calling me to a leap of faith… I don’t know what yet, but I do know that I’ve become too comfortable, and I haven’t been putting myself on the line for Him. I’ll try to let you know what that leap is when I know.


3 thoughts on “A leap of Faith

  1. i agree that faith requires trust and obedience. but this doesnt have to be blind. we can base our “leap” off of evidence around us. we can see that world, and the Scriptures and other people, etc.

    so yes, faith requires action, but not stupid action.


  2. Hey, this is good stuff man. I like you thoughts on faith.
    You don’t know me but I just stumbled upon your page.
    Congrats on the Macbook Pro as well. Mac is the only way

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