Facing the Giants

Just saw the movie tonight w/ my wife’s family… It was predictable but all-in-all not so bad. I think it was probably worth watching. My sister-in-law brought up a good point that it can sort of give off the wrong message that if you follow God, everything will start going your way… I don’t think that’s the intent of the film, but… {Spoiler warning…}

I think one of the problems should have gone un-fixed. Because God uses what’s broken in our lives for His glory. And he doesn’t always fix everything as such.

In this movie, we see that:

  • The team keeps losing
  • the coach is sterile
  • David, the soccer kid, has no self-confidence
  • David’s dad is in a wheelchair
  • Coach’s car is a pile of junk
  • Coach is being conspired against

By the end:

  • The team wins state
  • wife is pregnant
  • David scores the winning point against the giants (His new friend in the team is Jonathan, btw)
  • David’s dad stands up for a moment
  • The formerly-disrespectful-but-now-saved kid’s dad buys the coach a new truck
  • Coach gets a raise.

Nice, but predictable. I think I would have had the coach and wife driving off in the jalopy at the end.


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