About the Swoop

The root of “At one fell swoop” is shakespearian, and the “fell” here comes from felonous. “The Oxford English Dictionary defines fell as meaning ‘fierce, savage; cruel, ruthless; dreadful, terrible’, which is pretty unambiguous.” Although we now use it to convey “suddenness rather than savagery,” I think that we can agree that Christ’s sacrifice for us was, in a way, an abrupt act in history, both of beauty and savagery. (definition extrapolated from www.phrases.org.uk.)

Hi, I’m Jonathan. A lot has changed since I started this blog in 2007. Now it’s 2012, and I’m a father of two, I hit the big 3-0, and have been working as a designer and assistant manager at RU since later that year.

And some things haven’t changed. Life moves forward, and feeling the call to step out in faith, my family and I are picking up, and leaving Radford, and heading to Charlottesville, Virginia in… in one Fell Swoop.

After an incredibly long hiatus, I’ll be filling this space with reflections on God, family life, the big move, politics, food, and whatever else of a more personal nature comes to mind. We don’t have jobs or a place to live up there yet, so this is going to be quite the adventure!

I’ll also be updating my website with separate blog content relating to Charlottesville, job search strategies and experiences, freelancing, and anything else that seems to fit over there, and that would boost my visibility to potential employers. Of course, since most of life doesn’t easily fit within our predefined topics, you can expect to see some crossover between the two sites.


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